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Suited Up with The Black Tux

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"Dressing well is a form of good manners."

-Tom Ford

Since my I was a boy and my mom dressed me up in suits and bowties, I've enjoyed getting fancy. As a music major in college, I always opted for the 3-piece-suit for recitals and performances, even at 9AM--often with matching ties that matched my shirt. Extra, I know. It was 2009, cut me some slack. 

I like to think I've added a little more nuance to my wardrobe and style preferences since those college days, and my latest discovery is the genius of The Black Tux. Instead of buying a new suit every time I have an event, TBT makes it easy to rent the perfect look for nearly any occasion. Excited to share some photos from two different looks: a trip to the opening night at the Lyric Opera, and a trip to Paris. 

A Night at the Opera

Final checks in #Studio1037.

Final checks in #Studio1037.

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Red Carpet looks with the always fabulous Daina, AKA  @agentlewoman . Photo by  @mushroomstew

Red Carpet looks with the always fabulous Daina, AKA @agentlewoman. Photo by @mushroomstew

Photo by  @mushroomstew .

Photo by @mushroomstew.

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Intermission. Photo by  Greg Birman    (@gregbirman)

Intermission. Photo by Greg Birman  (@gregbirman)

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Greg & Nika. 

Greg & Nika. 

Bravo, Lyric Opera! 

Bravo, Lyric Opera! 

Time to go.

Time to go.

Away in Paris

In search of something a little more casual, I rented the Tan suit from TBT and paired it with my favorite dress shoes, and (inspired by a bouquet of roses I got for the week) a floral print scarf from the Bastille Market. Voila, an ascot!

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Photos by  @trelawnydavis

Photos by @trelawnydavis